How To Choose A Leather Jacket?


What you need to know before buying a leather. The leather jacket is essential to your season. You are convinced of it. You had the crush on a model, but you want to reassure you on its quality?

To master everything you need to know about leather before you buy, here’s an overview of what you need to know before buying your leather jacket.

Leather fashion, what style of leather jacket to choose?

From the legendary perfecto to the leather bomber jacket, from the stylish cut to the all-purpose model, the leather jacket comes in thousands of models.

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They all have a grain

The grain of leather is the pattern that forms on the surface. It forms a relief visible to the naked eye.How To Choose A Leather Jacket?

Each skin has a different grain:

  • more or less smooth
  • more or less uniform
  • more or less regular
  • more or less small

If you take a closer look, you can identify the one you like the most. This really conditions the appearance and style of the leather bomber jacket men.

  • Uniform grain and smooth leather for cowhide or buffalo.
  • Grain barely visible and extremely fine for lambskin.
  • Nested motifs for the sheep.

So, did you choose your grain style?

Then, observe it precisely. You will find imperfections, and this is normal since it is a natural skin.

How to recognize quality leather?

  • First of all, let’s be clear, beware, some stores will offer prices that are incompatible with a quality jacket.
  • The work of the leather and the quality of the skin has a price. Poor quality leather has imperfections that increase over time, quickly mark wrinkles and harden over time.
  • To recognize the quality of leather, trust your instincts.
  • Be aware, for example, that the lighter the leather, the more it has been coated or treated.
  • Quality leather does not need to be treated extensively. Do not be charmed by what shines for the bomber jacket leather.

To choose, consult the description of the mens leather bomber jacket to identify, the used skin but also the origin of this one.